Who We Are

Open Projects Group are industry leaders in the business of transforming hospitality space.  Our talented team are behind the creation of awe-inspiring bars, cafes, restaurants and venues and we offer a complete solution driven by experience and focused on customer service.

Our exceptional fit-outs are created in-house so we have total control of your project.  From its journey through design and planning, through all the stages of construction, joinery and stainless steel, and finally its licensed installation, we manage the workflow and can respond to our clients’ needs efficiently and effectively.

We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of the industry to deliver the most comprehensive services available to clients in developing their new or refurbished hospitality venues. 

Our extensive experience transforming hospitality spaces gives our in-house industry professionals the ability to focus on guiding you at every turn and ensure you make the right decisions from bespoke furniture to the latest equipment choices.  We focus on partnership and collaboration.

Our happy clients and great variety of finished projects, large and small, exemplifies our excellent track record.

Innovation + Experience + Service = Open Projects Group